Marleen Kamphuis

After having worked in the corporate world for nearly 15 years, I know what it is like to work hard; be stressed and not always take good care of your body and mind. Perfectionism and trying to control everything were not always the recipes for success.

Now I’ve turned my passion for good food and self-care into a coaching practice where I want to help women reclaim their balance in life and heal their relationship with food and body.

What style of eating and which food choices best support your body and life style? There’s not one answer. Whether you are a young professional, a mother or an experienced business woman, you all have different needs and we will explore these together. How do you take care of your inner balance – your sleep, mood, movement, level of stress, social life and many other factors? We’ll take small, gentle steps in working towards restoring the balance.

Armed with a toolbox of skills, strategies and techniques I am looking forward to help you listen to your inner wisdom and reclaim your power.

Marleen Kamphuis - Mind Body Nutrition Coach
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