Lynn MacDonald

Lynn empowers women who suffer from emotional eating, intense cravings, and out of control binge eating, to develop the skills and tools they need to resolve and dissolve unprocessed emotions and overcome them, resulting in food freedom and weight loss.

She believes this is her true calling and she uses her true calling and life purpose to help women get out of pain, resolve past emotions, stop numbing themselves with food and be present and live their best life!

For the last 20 year of Lynn’s life she has been dedicated to health and wellness and walks the talk. She is a firm believer in keeping the mind, body and spirit healthy. She understands that the mind/body is one system as one affects the other. Lynn’s work is based upon holistic healing, working with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components for optimal wellness. All must be healed in order to make permanent changes.

Lynn is the passionate owner of Spiritual Guidance to Weight Loss & Life, where she is a Mind Body Eating Coach which blends spiritual and emotional wellness strategies! A perfect blend for life change from the inside out!

Spiritual Guidance to Weight Loss & Life
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