Lisa Patriacca

A desire to heal my own health challenges and food sensitivities, lead to becoming a Holistic Nutritionist, Therapeutic/Natural Foods Chef and Mind Body Health Counselor. I like to say I’m a Certified Health Nut, because I realized there is more to living your best, healthy, balanced life, than just food and exercise. This custom approach begins with your unique story, challenges and desires. Our work together may include… developing body wisdom skills, how to nourish YOUR body well, self care practices, unlocking unwanted behaviors, developing personal and spiritual growth, support for health challenges, food sensitivities, improved digestive function, regulating mood and energy, and finding your right, natural weight and food style. This truly Holistic approach will benefit all areas of your Life. To see if we are a good fit, set up an initial consultation, it’s always complementary. I look forward to connecting with you.
(303) 263-9069