Lisa Barksdale

Lisa Barksdale is a Mind Body Eating Coach, professional violinist, teacher, and active blogger on holistic wellness. Lisa is passionate about helping others to restore their relationship with food, health, and life. When her own health suffered during a stressful time in music school, Lisa turned to dieting for a solution. Unfortunately her quest for the “perfect” diet turned into an unhealthy obsession. She had to seek support in order to find a more balanced, nourishing relationship with food and her body. She was so transformed by that experience that she decided she wanted to help others do the same. She trained through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and through the Institute for the Psychology of Eating. Now, she sees clients one-on-one and gives talks in the Providence, RI area, as well as writes about, reads about, and relentlessly ponders any and all topics related to health and holistic wellness.
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