Leanne Johnston

I have worked for many years in women’s health programs in an academic health setting. I came to realize that oftentimes the power to improve health and well being lies in our own hands, we just need that someone who cares enough, has the time, skills and vision to inspire us forward. I am a certified Health Coach and Eating Psychology Coach. Using the principles of mind/body nutrition and dynamic eating psychology I help women connect the dots between what they are doing and how they are feeling. Then the process for real transformation can begin. I love to work with women, so they can see that there is hope and vitality beyond the status quo. We work together to explore the potential in all domains of life and health and find out what really matters, and where precious energy is best spent. I’ll help you “lighten up” so that you can be a nourished, happy and more relaxed person.

(801) 671-1136