Kristin Thompson

We are relational beings that require the support of compassionate others to walk alongside us as we traverse our journey’s home to remembering our wholeness and embodying our vitality, confidence, and purpose. I know first-hand how lonely and hopeless that journey can feel, and I’m here to walk with you not as an authority over your self-guiding system, but as a mirror, and sounding board where we will take gentle, tolerable steps informed by your nervous system using a holistic approach that honors the physical, mental, emotional, societal, cultural and spiritual realms with consideration that all these areas are deeply interwoven and influential in our journey to health.

Together we will enter a realm where symptoms are honored as powerful messengers, and where hardship doesn’t cease to exist, but where you will be equipped with a toolkit of resources and a greater capacity to hold challenges with more grace and ease.

Can’t wait to connect!
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