Kripāmaya Kocsis

“Where health-coaching and life-coaching meet, miracles can happen.”
Having spent decades of learning, studying, self-education, and my own journey to healing – following my heart’s call and enthusiasm, I am at your service to support you in creating a new chapter in your life.

If you want, this chapter could be the chapter of your life’s renewal, self-discovery, and more joy in life. I am here for you, if you want to overcome unwanted eating habits, and want to enjoy a deeply meaningful, confident and conscious lifestyle.

I work with all my attention, deep empathy, all my knowledge and my rich life experience, but above all, with my heart & soul.
I specially love working on
– personal peace
– conscious self-care
– preventing and/or overcoming illness, burn out and early aging
– remember and connect to higher Self

I inspire and teach my mentees to look at their lives from a higher perspective and to allow love and creativity inspire their decisions.
It is my honor and privilege to assist you in your life’s journey, at the important phase you are in right now.

I am a Holistic Mentor
Certified Eating Psychology Coach
Meditation Instructor
Dipl. Psycho-pedagogue
Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

Check me out and book your free orientation call on my website:
+36 70 931 4857 (Viber, WhatsApp)