Kimberly Irlbeck

I have worked in the health and wellness industry for over 25 years helping people get welI in Body, Mind and Spirit. I practice what I teach clients and understand personally the challenges clients face. I started out receiving a BS in Kinesiology because I enjoyed lifting weights and exercising. I then went on to attend the CHAP Program at the University of Colorado Medical School. I quickly became disillusioned with the modern medical pharmaceutical paradigm, where the nutrition, exercise, emotional and stress components of a patient’s health were not being addressed. I switched direction and received a Masters in Counseling and have sought additional training as an Eating Psychology Coach, Wellness Coach and two certifications as a personal trainer. I use a variety of techniques to help clients move forward in all aspects of life to become their best selves through healing hearts and through taking care of the physical body. I am passionate about helping people and seeing my clients become all they can be in every aspect of life that they want to succeed in. I incorporate tools from Eating Psychology, Wellness Coaching, Counseling, Personal Training and Life Experiences to take clients where they want to go. I do not tell you what to do, but co-create meaningful goals that you want to set to take steps forward. I work on a strengths based approach and believe each person has the ability to overcome barriers and challenge themselves to try new things until they find what works for them

Whole Heart Coaching and Counseling
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