Kate Roberts

For most of my young womanhood, I focused on my appearance, weight, and clothing size as a way to determine my self worth. I struggled with chronic yo-yo dieting, binge eating, emotional eating and compulsive exercising. I felt locked into a destructive cycle of guilt and shame around my eating and body image. Over the years I’ve learned that the purpose of exercise is not to punish the body, but to allow it to move freely. I’ve learned that there is a way of eating that can result in real nourishment, one that has absolutely nothing to do with calories or grams of fat. My young daughter is expansive and happy when she eats and moves. She loves her body and she loves food. She hasn’t felt the weight of the world and its expectations and rules. As women, I believe we need to start celebrating the feminine. This means we stop giving away our power to the scale and to elusive images of perfection we see in the media. It means we stop denying our right to be exactly who we are. It means we realize our journey through life is not bound by rules. It is a practice. And wherever we are is beautiful.

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