Kam Sokhi

I’ve had a lifetime of skewed eating habits from anorexia & bulimia as a teen, self-punishing with restrictive diets, exercise and I’ve struggled with weight and body image my whole life.

So I’m able to consult clients to lose weight without dieting and find out the underlying reasons behind weight gain and common health issues, by making peace with themselves & with food by turning the emphasis on why food is used as a blanket to numb emotions. I can help you navigate through so you end the war with food and dieting once and for all.

I have a degree in culinary arts and as a chef for over 25 years, my passion is teaching clean healthy organic recipes that are suited to paelo, vegan, raw, vegetarian, and allergy specific diets.

I aim to coach in a positive, empowering and uplifting way, working with people to transform their lifestyle and diet with inspirational and practical tips and tweaks that are easily sustainable.