Julie Ralston

After owning a natural pet store for 15 years, I began exploring human health and wellness. I achieved some amazing health results for myself and others, but then I took a turn for the worse. I became orthorexic – I judged myself and others for what we ate and held myself to ridiculous, unsustainable standards. I became unhappy and unhealthy in the pursuit of “perfect health.” This lead me to study extensively with IPE. Now I work closely with clients to address the what, why and how of their eating habits and challenges and help them attain their health and weight loss goals. Collectively, we’re not happy. We struggle with body image, weight and finding time for ourselves. There is a way to find peace with food and your body and it doesn’t involve a new way to work out, more food rules, or another challenge where you’re either “bad” or “good” because you stuck to the rules. Health and wellness isn’t on a scale or in a mirror, it is a feeling. I want women to love themselves enough to CARE for themselves. If you’re ready, reach out!

(303) 949-7409