Julia Curry

Punishing exercise and torturous diets that result in self-hatred have been the norm for far too long. I believe there’s another way to wake up to the life you’ve always wanted.
Have you found that despite all your efforts, your life remains pretty “meh”? Has your relationship with food and your body been an emotional irritation, undermining your every effort to grow and to thrive? If so, then I can relate.
I was boxed in by the shame that comes from always fighting food, my body and everything life was throwing at me. Food became my primary coping mechanism when life became stressful and challenging. Despite my best efforts and tear-filled prayers, I was unable to overcome the torment of binge-eating, over-eating and compulsive busyness. My health was deteriorating and my anxiety was at an all time high. And so the cycle continued.
Thankfully, I discovered a path to freedom and broke up with 15 years of disordered eating and emerged into a peaceful and sustainable relationship with food and my body. These shifts have spilled over into all other areas of life and I’m living a story of transformation that I never dreamed possible.
My passion is to help women untangle out of compulsive living and emerge into the fullest expression of who they truly are. Together we will embark on a nourishing journey that will uncover the hidden life that has been waiting for an invitation to show its face.
In addition to studying at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, I have a degree in communications and have worked with women for over 15 years in various mentoring settings. As a massage therapist, I understand the mind/ body connection and the importance of how the unfinished business of our lives manifests into tension and dis-ease. As a mother of two, I’ve found that caring for ourselves is also a gift we give to our family and friends. Its not easy to live your best life, but it’s possible…

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