Heidemarie Huber

Heidemarie Huber, mind-body eating psychology coach, clinical hypnotherapist, compassion-based meditation guide, teacher and practitioner of shamanic energy medicine.

I am passionate about empowering clients to reclaim the healing power within. As Joan Borysenko says, “The work in healing is in peeling away the barriers of fear and past conditioning that keep us unaware of our true nature of wholeness and love.”

I provide a safe, sacred and compassionate space for you to discover and release the issues that hold you back from your innate wholeness, so you can courageously step into loving your body ecstatically, expressing your truth authentically, and living your purpose powerfully. By restoring the conditions that you need to thrive – body, mind and soul – your natural state of wellness returns to balance, whether it is in the form of a radiant and beautiful body, healthy eating habits, excellent digestion, balanced moods, strong immunity, or positive body image.

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