Gloria Kamil

Greetings, My name is Gloria Kamil.

My journey into nutrition and fitness started in the early seventies after the near-death of my daughter. She was wrongly diagnosed and prescribed the wrong treatment and medication. That experience changed my life. It incentivized me to learn about health, fitness, and nutrition.

In 1998 I created the Natural Weight Release Journeys, taking a nontraditional approach to women’s weight concerns, fitness, and nutrition by addressing the whole person. I became a certified fitness trainer and behavior change weight management specialist in 2000.

Now, as a Mind-Body, Nutrition, and Dynamic Eating Coach, my purpose and mission remain the same in addition to my experience with the hundreds of women

I’ve worked with, supported, and learned from over the years. But my passion has grown even more vital in supporting and encouraging women in their journey to create a healthier realistic, positive, and uplifting interpretation of self.

Working together as a team, we can move from society’s superficial unsustainable norms regarding women’s weight concerns and challenges.

Make the call to start your Journey today.

Why? True sustainability comes from within without damaging compromises to your well-being.

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