Ebele Nduka

Navigating through a world of “should’s and shouldn’ts” can oftentimes be a supremely disempowering experience: “I shouldn’t eat this-I should eat like that. I should be thinner- I shouldn’t be so fat. If only I were curvier, I’d be 10x sexier. Everything’s wrong with me-I should be more like her.” Comments like these break my heart and are a large reason why I do this work.

Put plainly-Empowerment, Growth, and Authenticity are my tenants.

My method of working with clients involves me using their food challenges, weight loss struggles and body image woes as passage ways to liberation-personal, emotional, even spiritual.

I believe that we’re all perpetual works in progress & timeless masterpieces simultaneously. The growing never stops & at the same time you are more than enough as you are – It is my honor to help my clients eventually see that too.