Diane Trumble

My name is Diane Trumble, owner of and holistic practitioner/nutritionist at “Going Beyond Nutrition”. For over 14 years my focus and passion has been on helping individuals find their own unique way to heal. My registration and certifications are in Holistic Nutrition, GAPS Counselling, and Eating Psychology. I also have BA in Psychology and training in Homeopathy, Reiki and Therapeutic Touch. Recently, my business has transformed into taking my clients ‘beyond nutritional models’…to a place where mind and spirit plays as significant a role,in healing, as the body does. The nutritional coaching and guidance I provide focuses on opening up doors of personal discovery through following a mindfulness approach to eating, food, cooking and nutrition. It is my goal to help clients learn to relax into making changes that reduce daily stresses, to be mindful and to discover their own desired personal journey whether on therapeutic special diets or just wanting to discover and/or improve vitality, joy and lasting good health.

Going Beyond Nutrition
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