Deborah Cort

After 40 years of yo-yo dieting and experiencing body image issues, digestive issues and stress, I came to realize that what, how, and why I was eating was causing me to be out of alignment with myself. I want you to have a relationship with food that I found; one that truly satisfies, a body that’s health-filled, and a life that you are excited to live. During our time together, I will use a combination of holistic, integrative, and mind-body nutrition strategies that will support you in a positive, compassionate, and nourishing way. My approach is a personal one that matches your uniqueness, not “one-size-fits-all” and you will learn how to be in relationship with your body in a way that will serve you long term. My certifications and training include: Eating Psychology Coach, Integrative Nutrition Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Reiki Master, Ordained Interfaith Minister, and training in Conscious Relationships.

Divinely Nourishing
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