Daniel Jones

Hi! My name is Daniel Jones.

My whole life essentially has been in the health industry.

I originally trained as a registered nurse, then, becoming more intrigued and excited about health, healing, and the human body, started studying to be a medical doctor (I have practised as a GP for over ten years).

I have always been strong in my opinion of whole mind, body, spirit care and have studied, and treat clients in, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture also. I have trained through the Australian College of Medical Acupuncture (and Traditional Chinese Medicine) and have been practising for about 3 years now.

I have always had an affinity and fascination with this form of holistic health with less a bias on dis-ease and a more important encouragement of health promotion – essentially helping others to be the most fulfilled and embodied person they can be.

I believe very much that not only is food, on the whole, our best medicine, but also (and often more so!) our relationship with food (and, of course, ourselves) is our best recourse to health.

Hope to see or hear from you soon!

Dr Dan.

+61 0413 002 435