Cynthia Lehew-Nehrbass

I was born with a creative spirit, gift for teaching and a desire to help others. For nearly three decades as a dance instructor/choreographer and a student of different natural health modalities, I’ve guided dancers of all ages in discovering their full potential in movement, body awareness, and self-care. I’ve personally experienced and witnessed the negative affects that chronic dieting, binge eating, perfectionism, body image issues, and other mind-body “disconnects” and eating concerns have on digestion, health and wellbeing. I’ve also experienced the positive transformational power that body awareness, intuitive nourishment and a mind-body “reconnect” have on healing. My mission as a health and eating coach is to guide, support and empower both dancers and non-dancers alike to positively reconnect to their bodies, understand their unique nourishment needs, and help them “choreograph” their journey toward optimal health. My approach is individualized, creative, and balanced to honor, support and educate the whole person: body, mind, spirit and soul.

Choreograph Your Health
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