Clara Moisello

I am an Italian-born, Brooklyn-based MBE coach and trainer in Nonviolent Communication.

Move, Nourish, Connect is born out of my deep desire to support people in developing a sustainable, peaceful and joyful relationship with their bodies and with food. I support and advocate for a body positive approach to self-care and health, grounded in self-love, kindness and compassion. My work is deeply inspired by my own life journey. I am committed to share the skills that supported me in developing and maintaining a peaceful relationship with my body, the way I nourish myself, the way I move, and the way I connect with the people that share this journey with me. There is so much misunderstanding and pain around body image and weight. I believe that this pain can be transformed as we learn to embrace our own authentic beauty and reclaim our innate resources of wisdom, intuition and self-love.

Move, Nourish, Connect
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