Christine Okezie

Christine is Holistic Nutritionist, Natural Foods Chef and Transformational Mind Body Eating Coach. She is a published author of “The NO DIET Cookbook, How to Eat for Health and Pleasure.” For the last seven years, Christine has been supporting women to feel empowered in their health and their life using the most important food-related health challenges as powerful opportunities for personal transformation. She is passionate about guiding women to heal their relationship with food and body by guiding them to what they really hunger for in life. She understands that our difficult eating habits, weight issues, and self care challenges are symptoms of bigger struggles and a doorway into a deeper relationship with ourselves. Christine helps her clients discover that the key to vibrant health on all levels lies within and that they alone are their own best expert regarding their wellbeing. When she isn’t coaching, teaching, writing, doing culinary demos or leading workshops and retreats, Christine loves devoting her leisure time to sailing on the Hudson, hiking with her dog Houdini, doing yoga, crafting new recipes, playing board games with her two kids, watching movies and reading. Find out more at and UnlockMagic.Life.

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