Annabelle Macnamara

For as long as I can remember, weight loss played a huge role in my life and mind. If I wasn’t trying to get skinny, I was trying to get thin yet again, on the up and down, never-ending ‘yo-yo dieting trampoline’.

It wasn’t till I studied to become a mind-body coach that I realised I had put all my joy in the hands of a number on the scale and the echoes of body compliments uttered to me. The child in me was made to believe that being skinny was paramount to succeeding in life and clouded the various other, deeper desires and purposes of my soul.

Through the insights in the course to becoming a coach, I was able to uncover the deeper purposes of my heart and find peace around my body and weight which in turn helped me nourish my body in ways I wasn’t able to before.

I hope to help other women find the freedom and peace that comes with removing the blocks in our mind and life so we can make space for cultivating a healthier and more nourishing relationship with ourselves, life and in turn our bodies too.