Ann Richardson

Ann, a Certified Health and Eating Psychology Coach, is also a Certified Massage Therapist with extensive training in multiple modalities. While working with massage clients (especially those in significant pain), Ann realized the importance of encouraging them to choose health in all areas of their lives. To mentor clients through body and lifestyle changes, she chose a holistic approach, supporting the whole person with individualized wellness programs designed to meet their specific needs. Her multiple studies in bodywork, aromatherapy, diet, digestion and enzyme formulations provide a strong foundation for clients’ overall health. In 2013 Ann graduated from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, coaching and empowering clients to make healthy decisions concerning what their bodies need and what specifically works for them. In 2016 Ann completed certification with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, boosting her skills with additional expertise in body image, emotional eating, digestion, mood, fatigue, and more.
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