Andra Ionita

After struggling with binge eating and overeating, dieting, and starving myself while self-blaming, self-hating, and constantly criticizing my body for more than 14 years, I have finally healed my relationship with food and transformed it into a deeply nourishing and self loving practice. Now, I understand how the unhealthy relationship with food was actually a beautiful opportunity and deep invitation to really open myself to self-love, compassion, and acceptance, and at the same time it allowed me to heal all of the emotional baggage that I was carrying around from a very young age. My purpose is to help women deeply embrace all that they are while opening them up to whole new ways of being and self-relating that are nourishing, healing, and supportive. By rewiring and re-patterning the nervous system to pleasure, joy, and love, the old core beliefs of unworthiness and insufficiency dissolve and the true authentic expression of the higher self is free to unravel.
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