Amy Wellein

I currently own a Wellness Center in Bloomfield Hills, MI. I see a lot of clients who are in pain physically, who come in for massage and deep tissue laser therapy. I am expanding my practice to include nutrition coaching, as it seems that the majority of my clients have digestion challenges of some kind. My goal is to work together to explore these challenges and to see if some of the pain in the body can be eliminated with tweaks in the diet. I am excited to incorporate energy medicine techniques in assisting the body in the digestion process. I also explore the mind/emotion/spirit component of the challenge that is often overlooked. Stress plays a huge role in our lives and I have tools and techniques for easing the trauma it plays in our bodies.

Amy Wellein, Certified Natural Health Professional, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Psychology of Eating Coach, Clinical Practitioner for Eden Energy Medicine

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