Amy Civica

Hi! I am the founder of the Food is Love Experience

I am on a mission to change the way you feel about eating and the effects your feelings have on your cravings, your body, and your ability to digest.

I have always had a bright and shiny personality but my true love for food was learned, not innate! Living in Italy for 9 years I was inspired by the love they infused in their cooking. This was the first spark that fueled my passion for discovering what my relationship with food could be. Now I am taking my message to the world by coaching clients, teaching workshops, and spreading my joy for food wherever I am in the world.

I am often asked…where are you today? Finding myself an empty nester 5 years earlier than expected I packed up my life and now travel the world doing my favorite things…. meeting new people and cooking amazing meals to nourish their (and my) mind, body, and soul!

If you are ready to find JOY in your relationship, I am here to help you. In this amazing journey called the food is love experience you will feel heard, find peace, and learn to find pleasure in foods that heal you, mind body and soul!

The Food is Love Experience
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