Amy Berkowitz

I was a very thin and athletic child, but began to struggle with my weight as an adolescent. Obesity runs in my family, and dieting was a constant topic of discussion in my house. My inability to stick to one was a never-ending source of conflict and despair, and I soon developed a love-hate relationship with food. Extreme dieting and restriction (and subsequent binging) was the norm, and this cycle of indulgence and deprivation was a pervasive force in my food life for years. Despite these efforts, I graduated college at 5’1 and 170 pounds. I have devoted much of my life to understanding the psychophysiology of how digestion, assimilation, calorie burning and all the nutritive functions of the body are impacted by things like stress, relaxation, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, pleasure, our personal story and more than just what we put in our bodies.
I have maintained an approximate 70-pound weight loss for over 20 years, and enjoy a clean-eating and food-loving life without guilt or fear, and would love to help you discover how you can do the same!

Nutrition Zen and Now
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