Alina Sarkisyan

As cliché as it sounds, I can wholeheartedly say that helping people overcome obstacles is my passion! After myself combating physical and mental challenges in my teens, I never want to see another soul go through that kind of suffering. I witnessed first-hand how dark, mentally exhausting, and simply hopeless one’s life can become as a result of unaddressed issues stemming from food, body image, childhood experiences, close relationships, self-hate, etc. Having this understanding and being able to relate to many, distinguishes me from other practitioners. I teach people to let go of perfection, as it is a false ideal. The true, the real, the beautiful, and the authentic are imperfect. I am an empathetic, compassionate, wise, supportive, driven and imperfect young woman. As not only a Certified Mind Body Eating Coach but a Certified Mind Body Green Functional Nutrition Coach, I fully transform and heal the lives of everyone I work with.

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Imperfectly Perfect
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