Dieting vs Eating Coaching

If you are reading this, you may be wondering is it worthwhile investing the time, money and efforts into working with an eating coach, when you can simply google a diet, follow it through and lose weight?

Just like you, I used to think the same way, but that was a long time ago. That was back in the days when I thought that weight loss is as simple as calories in, calories out. But I could not help and wonder, if it is so simple and straightforward, why was I and the rest of the world consistently failing at dieting and weight-loss? We are living in a time where obesity is killing many people on a daily basis worldwide, so maybe dieting is not so simple after all?

Indeed, it is not as easy as it sounds. So before you jump onto the next diet and restart that yo-yo cycle, please continue reading. I have highlighted three critical differences between following a diet and working with an eating coach.

One of the main differences and benefits you will get from working with an eating psychology coach is that the coach will help you identify potential triggers for your eating challenges. This is crucial, because it is the root cause of the problem and addressing it is the main step in weight management process. You see, dieting without resolving the main cause of your eating habits is like building a roof on a house with a faulty foundation – it will inevitably fall and crash. So in your work with an eating coach, you will primarily identify and resolve your problem on a deeper level, where it originates from. This is undoubtedly the biggest portion of work and also the hardest, as the triggers can originate from different areas of our lives. This is where the exploration begins – and you do not get this by following a simple diet, but rather discussing openly and thoroughly with your coach.

Additionally, a critical difference between these two approaches is that an eating coach will help you find and implement diet and lifestyle changes that are realistic and more easy to follow than a standard diet. In your coaching sessions, you will communicate with your coach about the specifics of your lifestyle and in what ways can you alter you eating and lifestyle habits. We are all different and live on different schedules, that is why an eating coach will have a personalised approach and will talk with you about the most applicable practises you can start doing to improve your eating habits. This is important because it will not be as rigid and hard to follow as a diet that you find online – it will be adapted to your health, rhythm and lifestyle, therefore it will be easier to stick to on a long term basis which is critical for weight management.

Another difference that is not to be under looked is personal growth. I cannot fit into this article how much more self-awareness and understanding I developed through such an approach. Simply following what foods to eat or how many calories to consume in a day does not leave much room for personal growth and reflection. On the other hand, during you coaching sessions you will extensively reflect on different dimensions of your life and will determine how they are portraying in your relationship with food, eating or elsewhere. So not only will you end up identifying your triggers, you will change you eating and lifestyle habits, and ultimately, also work on your inner world and will therefore, mature more as an individual.

In addition to all these benefits, you will also have support and compassion throughout this process which will help you feel better on this journey and also keep you more accountable towards achieving your goals. Furthermore, you will be provided with practical tips and tools to implement as you go, so you will gain skills that you can use even when the coaching sessions are done. Lastly, did I mention you will have fun and interesting conversations with your coach throughout?

So next time, before you jump onto the next diet, think a bit further whether that is the best possible approach for you as a whole.

After going through certain mind-body challenges on my own, I got very curious about exploring and understanding this relationship further. Upon completing a degree in psychology and this coaching course, I greatly helped myself, and now I feel like it’s the perfect time to help others as well! I also had significant experience working in the corporate environment, and greatly understand the mind-body challenges that it may trigger, so I would love to speak to anyone fighting those battles!