A Nurse’s Story of Mind, Body and Career Transformation

I began my educational journey into nursing two decades ago. I was acculturated into an emotionally sterile and clinical perspective of the human mind and body. I’ve come to understand that absence of affirming the human spirit in patient care is counterintuitive to healing. Whether realized or not, practising exclusively within a medical model stirs up ethical dilemmas for nurses, or anyone working in the field of human sciences.

Healthcare Professionals are burning out at alarming rates. Procuring trained medical staff is a global challenge. Retaining them is a whole other story. Many healthcare professionals are opting for alternate employment for the sake of sanity. Working in the trenches has all the elements to brew a perfect storm. Any worker exposed to the energy of crisis is deeply affected. These effects ripple out to workplaces, families, communities and the world at large.

I truly believe educating Healthcare Professionals in the dimensions of Mind Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology can offer hope to our burdened and crumbling medical systems. International access to this training provides both a safe landing pad for healthcare professionals in burnout crisis, and also in invigorating launchpad to more meaningful, soul-led careers.

The Mind Body Coach Certification has the power to alchemize profound transformation in any human. I have sustained a 100lb weight loss and have recaptured a level of fitness I used to dream about.

Crystal Gill

Intuitive. Honest. Athletic.

Like many coaches, I found my way to Mind Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology through my own personal challenges. As a RN, my perspectives to health and healing came from a prescription pad. Waking to the fact that I had been viewing obesity and binge challenges through the clouded lens of diet culture was a relief that I find difficult expressing with words.

The Training has transformed my health and career. Getting to the root cause of my eating challenges, losing 100 pounds and recapturing my health and fitness seems surreal. I like to think of it as gracefully falling up stairs padded with self-compassion.

I’m a Personal Coach to women and offer private and online group coaching. I integrate my professional and personal experience to optimize mental health, chronic condition management and eating challenges through pleasure, embodiment and whole food nutrition. I embrace a trauma-informed approach and hold high value to culturally appropriate care.