Forsaking Making Up Your Mind

Fluctuating, ebbing and flowing like the ocean. As discussed on the podcast episode with Marc David, inconsistency with my weight and slow relaxed eating is a direct mirror for my life journey. There is nothing wrong with migrating from one source of passion to another. This clears the way to unleash specific desires. More importantly, it unlocks the courage to move on from undesirable situations. Wasted time building up experience and seniority doesn’t exist. In its place lies only a very interesting, beautiful hiking trail of exploration.

I find that I am most in flow when I manifest opportunities to explore my interests. That’s how I frame my constant mind-changing regarding who I want to be in this life be it “cool” girlfriend who’s like one of the guys, exotic American expat wife living in Germany, lifestyle blogger, underground D.J., alternative yoga instructor, health coach, HR manager, life coach or any combination of these and now veterinary professional to top it off.

All were once daydreams in my mind that became reality as I focused on them more and more. Sometimes I wasn’t specific enough. Others I was attracting for the wrong reasons such as external validation, looking cool or having revenge on those who burned me. I had a pesky tendency toward flaunting my “new” amazing life on social media every few years. It was never really that amazing beneath the surface or even above it if I’m being totally honest.

If you’re feeling a little lost, go back to where you made your alleged “wrong” turns and make some “right” ones. This short time we have in each lifetime is nothing more than an experiment like sampling a new style of cuisine for each meal in a huge buffet. You can try other things and come back or not at all. Whether or not something tasted good could have just been a result of what else it was paired with. So maybe come back to it later with a cleansed palette. Or not. Perhaps mixing up a million and one flavors with childlike wonder is exactly the kind of fun you needed in the moment. Nothing is set in stone. There are no rules.

By the way, the only reason to ever feel old is when you keep doing things that you’ve outgrown. For me that included low vibe gossiping, cynicism, complaining as a socialization tactic, hating on life and getting completely intoxicated to mask the fact that I really wanted nothing to do with anything that was going on around me. All were fairly intelligent defense mechanisms that did the trick for long periods of time.

Oh, and it’s okay to let things go prematurely if they’re not working anymore. It’s alright to change your mind about what’s working and what’s really not. Sometimes things take awhile to make any sense and only reveal themselves in perfect time. Consciously experiencing such a revelation with true clarity is indeed something to celebrate.

Celeste Loetz

Compassion. Embodiment. Liberation.

My name is Celeste. I inspire others to get comfortable in their own skin, accept what is and trust in the divine timing of the Universe. My blog emphasizes positive body image, optimal energy, soul alignment, relaxation, intuitive eating and intuitive living.

I have had a very wavy journey. Eventually I realized that validation needs to come from within, that there was never anything wrong with me and there wasn’t some perfect life waiting for me once I morphed into anyone other than my true authentic self.

I now believe in the Universe and abundance. I have faith that everything truly does happen for a reason and the sooner we open up our eyes to those reasons, the less times the life lesson has to repeat. I’m all about manifesting a life that one doesn’t need to escape from by emanating high vibes, low stress and of course, inner peace.