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When Healthy Eating is No Longer Healthy…

A new type of eating disorder is emerging where people are becoming obsessed with eating to improve their health.  As an Eating Psychology Coach, I deal with a range of eating disorders – anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, over-eating and body image concerns. But most of my clients recently haven’t even realized what their eating problem was exactly. Some initially come to see me because they want to eat healthier, or lose more weight, or cease […]

Trusting Truth over Thoughts

I use to believe that health came from outside of me. That the foods I ate, the way and frequency that I moved, and how well I was accepted and received by those around me would bring me a healthy state of being. Once food and exercise and outward acceptance were no longer a focus, and I still found myself struggling I realized that I was never going to feel safe in my skin, I […]

From Fear to Love

As I sat there gazing at my plate of Caesar Salad, pasta and side of pretzels, there was this eerie sensation that I was indeed making progress. After all, pasta has been on my avoid list for almost 10 years and pretzels are something I sneak as I walk into the pantry and hope no one notices. Here I was sitting with a lit candle, placemat and gentle music. This actually felt pleasurable. I cannot […]

The Story Your Body Tells

About a week ago my daughter asked me to put on my wedding dress. Amused by the idea, I put it on but I couldn’t do it up! Normally that would have made me upset and sent me into a tailspin about my diet and exercise, the “what am I doing wrong” or “what am I not doing enough of” head game. But this time it was different. Instead of jumping out of my body, […]

Free From Food Rules

Growing up in the 80’s I had learned a lot of food rules about eating low fat, having to eat so many veggies per day and that if I did not meet my macronutrient goals each day I had somehow failed in taking good care of my body through nutrition. All through college and the following years as a mother, I spend a lot of time making sure my meals had everything they were “supposed […]

From Restriction to Lightness

These days, it always takes me a moment to really feel what kind of relationship with food I have now. Because it has turned into a subtle, very dignified and light flow of loving energy. It´s almost like a true friendship that fills your heart with joyful love, yet never pushes itself to the fore. To me, this really feels like a miracle! Not only was I convinced for so many years that I may […]

Finding Self Nourishment

In my very early 20’s, at supposedly some of the best years of my life, I was hospitalized on three different occasions for chronic anorexia. The first time I was told my potassium levels were dreadfully low and that I could have died. I was never put on a drip, but I was skeletal and very sick. In those days there wasn’t a hospital or ward for patients with anorexia or eating disorders. I went […]

How to Turn Your Eating Challenge Into An Adventure

To make any big change with our eating challenges – and indeed health – there is a fundamental mindshift that has to take place. This is to move from struggle to adventure. The struggle mindset says “To shed this weight I need to punish and deprive myself. I don’t have the necessary willpower to make this change a natural part of my life. Therefore I must be my own drill sergeant/prison guard/irate headteacher, and constantly […]

Finally Freedom

After being a Body Oriented Psychotherapist for more than 25 years, I had to face the fact that there were some areas of my own reality that I totally ignored. I had been yo-yo dieting since I was 23 and for me the problem was not that I could not lose weight…but I could not keep it off. From Cetonic to the Paleo diets, from Acupuncture to Homeopathy, from Yoga to Pilates, I tried every […]

Releasing Rejection

It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m beyond excited and incredibly grateful for the year that was, and more so for the year that will be! But 5 days ago on Boxing Day I was feeling the complete opposite. I was probably the bluest I have been in around 10 years, since I broke up with my son’s father just 3 weeks after he was born. I woke up and for the first time in almost […]

Comfort Through the Years

It took a cardiologist “insulting me” to have my eyes opened. He told me that I was almost at the point where they would recommend bariatric surgery. I knew nothing about eating psychology at that point (5 years ago). I only wish I had. I had the surgery and had successful weight loss. The key with this, though, is just like any other weight loss program – you have to change your mindset and go […]

The Chef Who Couldn’t Eat

It was a summer Saturday like all the others. I had spent the day manning my popular farmers’ market stall on the small island where I lived, selling homemade wood-fired oven bread, jams, and chutneys made from local produce to islanders and tourists. I worked hard but I loved it! I went home that afternoon with a bit of a sore throat but decided to go out to a friend’s party anyway. It was cold […]

Break up with your Scale

In the fall of 2014 I began my Eating Psychology Coaching Certification program. The time had come to get to the bottom of my issues with food, exercise, weight, and body image. In order to do this, I resolved to do whatever I would expect of future clients. The first thing was to change my eating habits. This was no easy task. Modifying a half century of bad habits and learning to nourish myself in […]

Opening Your Can of Emotions

For 25 years my life centered around self-loathing, starvation, bingeing and purging. Now fully recovered, I understand that bulimic bingeing and vomiting, like anorectic starvation, is a traumatic experience that can stimulate a deep survival mechanism; the release of endorphins, which are the powerful, natural drug like chemicals that allow us to experience pleasure. These established and deep-seated powerful compulsions that I was suffering with, felt seemingly helpless to fight. The sense of numbness I […]

Finding my Feminine

There once was a little girl who grew up in what seemed to be your everyday normal dysfunctional family. She was the youngest out of 4 kids, her parents were divorced, and she was none the wiser as to how healthy families were supposed to function. Without falling in love with the person every little girl should have as their first great love, her father, she was desperate to be told she was lovely, she […]

A Healer’s Journey

In my 20’s, all I could think about was what I would eat next. I ate for all the wrong reasons. Then I became very sick for 20 years and couldn’t digest my food. I used to gorge myself with food and then almost everything I ate caused a reaction. I became fearful of food for very different reasons. Also, I couldn’t get food through me, due to four prolapses that were repeatedly misdiagnosed. I […]

Joy Bunny Returns

I am a Joy Bunny, similar to a Fun Fairy, sprinkling joy to all those who are willing to receive. Even though I was born this way, I became lost in the briar patch of life because of challenging events or comments from others. Others’ opinions of me filled my head, and my self-talk became negative and I questioned my worthiness. In addition, as a wife and a stay at home mom, I believed that […]

When I Decided to Heal

When I was nine years old, I decided that I was too chubby and needed to go on a diet. First, it was all about not eating at night, then it became about exercise and later it went into full-on restriction of all kinds of food. When I was 23 years old, I landed in a treatment facility because my body was slowly giving up and so was my psyche. As a result of struggling […]

Discovering Beauty

Who would have thought just 6 months after I decided to take my love of Health Coaching to the next level by enrolling in the Institute for The Psychology of Eating’s certification course that I would be facing the biggest body image challenge of my entire life? Ever since I can remember I have had an absolute love for all things health, fitness and longevity. This hobby increasingly became a part time job, though, because […]

The Struggle is the Doorway to Healing

I used to think it would be impossible to not give in to a food binge. Sometimes I could put it off for a while, but it would eventually happen; it was just a matter of time. No matter how hard I tried to control it, put it off, or make deals with myself, or how much I meditated or learned, there was a point when something in my being would just take over and […]

This is Not You

When I think about my journey towards fitness, I clearly remember when and how I started. It started with comments from people around me who judged me for the way I used to look. I was called an elephant once, but then it triggered a desire in me to transform my physical personality. I started looking after myself and slowly this passion grew and developed in to a career. I started running classes and doing […]

A Meaningful Life

I may not be where I want to be, but thank God I’m not where I used to be…OMG! Ain’t that the truth? I have come so far in my personal transformation and on my journey to become who I am truly meant to be. And who’s that, you ask? All I’ve ever wanted to be since I was a little girl was to be someone who was included, loved, accepted and trusted. And now, […]

Strength as Service

For years now I have placed the quote “Strength does not lie in what you have. It lies in what you can give.” in direct sight in all of my most occupied spaces. This quote holds so much for me. Strength, along with communication and support, have all been important virtues for me since I was very young. As I am on my path of self-actualization and I realize how my life experiences have molded […]

All In The Family

Even though I avoid them like the plague, I can find the most unexpected things at garage sales. So when my parents asked me to help them with theirs, I reluctantly agreed. The unexpected find was not the trip down memory lane inspired by stuff that is now considered vintage but the trip inside the psyche of my ancestors, my paternal grandmother in particular. My father’s mother died when I was a teenager, but she […]

Wanting. Trying. Trusting.

In the process of becoming a better coach, I’ve had the opportunity to be on the receiving end of a lot of amazing coaching from my peers. During one of those conversations, I was talking about wanting to lose some weight that I had gained after my father passed away. It was just enough weight to make my clothes a little tighter and to make me feel less comfortable in my body, after being at […]