Authenticity, Triggers, Balance, and Freedom

Since making the decision to become more authentic, open, and honest with myself and the world it really gave me a sense of freedom that I had never experienced before. This also gave others permission to be more authentic and honest too. It’s very liberating, healing, and adds value to life that may not have been felt before.

However, there are people that anyone’s authenticity will trigger simply because they are not ready for you to change and they may have caught themselves up in a bundle of untrue stories and beliefs they have been believing and sharing with the world. I have had to remind myself that my worth is not based on how I have been treated and if your light is so bright it’s moving into the shadows and darkness of someone else life, overall, this is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s life giving and breathing new opportunity for deeper healing.

But if some people react negatively to you this can really hurt and set your personal power into a spin thinking you have done something wrong. Speaking your truth takes courage and inner strength. If there are others that may simply not want you to be free, or succeed in life, or simply do not want the best for you, it’s time to re-evaluate where your balance is in “your one of a kind life”.

This is a reality for many people going through healing, growth, development, transformation, and evolving into to a better version of themselves. There will be people who encourage you, love and accept you no matter what, support you and care for you. But there can also be people who will criticise you, put you down, be unkind and at times beyond this. Ask yourself, “Are these people good for me?”, “Are they good for my soul?”, “Do they make me feel good about myself?”, “Have they really taken the time to get to know me, hear me, and to try and understand me?”. If your answers are no, then maybe it’s time for you to say ‘No’, and walk into the freedom you deserve and that is waiting for you.

Fear holds us back and becomes a vicious circle all throughout our lives if you don’t break free. Don’t let people tell you who they think you are based on their lack, judgements, and inability to love. You are a unique masterpiece here for a bigger purpose and I pray your true blessing to the world is fully experienced, enjoyed, and blessed for the lifetime yet to come and that you meet people who will inspire you, love you, accept you, nourish you, and may all your dreams be fulfilled.

Kayla Power

Authentic. Holistic. Caring.

Kayla Power holds a Post Graduate degree in HRM, which included psychology and counseling studies.
She is a Psychology of Eating Coach and is completing a degree in Health Science – Nutritional Medicine and Dietetics. Kayla has previously studied theology and traveled to third world countries and volunteered in humanitarian projects and in local community programs including serving the homeless.

She is a believer in body movement and functional medicine with a passion to learn holistically and completed yoga teacher training in 2016. Kayla founded “What is Nutrition to You” (winty) which focuses on Nutritional Psychology, Holistic Health and Essential Oils, to holistically compliment people daily. Kayla’s core values are Compassion, Understanding, Recognition & Encouragement = C.U.R.E