A Healer’s Journey

In my 20’s, all I could think about was what I would eat next. I ate for all the wrong reasons. Then I became very sick for 20 years and couldn’t digest my food. I used to gorge myself with food and then almost everything I ate caused a reaction. I became fearful of food for very different reasons. Also, I couldn’t get food through me, due to four prolapses that were repeatedly misdiagnosed. I almost died of malnutrition. There was a time when I vowed not to be happy until I lost 50 pounds. When I lost more than 50 pounds, I still wasn’t happy. It was an attitude adjustment. I told God, “I wouldn’t mind being a couple sizes larger, if I could just digest my food again and regain my health.

For 25 years I did intense research and tried numerous strategies, diets and supplements to restore my health. I had 4 ectopic pregnancies in my late 20’s, and then overcame breast cancer in my 30’s, using natural treatments. In my mid 40’s, I had 3 major abdominal surgeries in 3 years to put my internal organs back where they belong. Then I realized my biggest problem was still Systemic Candidiasis. After exhausting every treatment known to man to get rid of Candida overgrowth over a 30 year period, my naturopathic physician told me he’d run out of ideas for me. That’s when I reviewed all my research and developed my own treatment. Two years ago I restored my health. My leaky gut healed in 3 months and I could once again eat foods that had been forbidden for 20 years. However, the emotional reasons why I ate were still there. Everything I endured for 30 years was preparing me for the training I received at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, and for the work I do now.

My journey through illness to wellness was a backdrop for the unfolding of a much richer experience. It has grown me in character and molded me as a person, and on so many levels, that nothing else could have accomplished. I have a voracious appetite for knowledge that can not be satisfied. I combined research with insight and successfully healed myself of numerous serious health conditions.

It didn’t look like I would live to be 50, and now at 52, I feel like I can live another 50 years. I feel better now, physically and emotionally, than I did at 20. For the first time in my life, I am “me”. My life has really only just begun. I am happy with myself, my life and my purpose.

It was doubtful that I would ever see a day when I had control over my enemy, Candida Albicans. Now that I do, I see so many others experiencing some degree of yeast overgrowth, which is the beginning of disease. It is my passion to help people restore their health and life.

Johnna Wheeler

Dedicated. Compassionate.Empathetic.

Johnna is a Mind-Body Nutrition Consultant, Life, Health & Weight Loss Coach and Veterinary Nutrition Consultant. Her passion is health and nutrition for people and pets. She is a researcher, writer and author, as well as a devoted wife and mother of two adopted daughters with Downs Syndrome. Johnna has a deep love for people. She councils individuals, and is a public speaker who also offers workshops. She is overjoyed by seeing the magic that happens when someone’s health turns around and they find the right nutrition or emotional course correction that makes a tremendous positive difference in the rest of their life. Certified by IPE, Johnna helps people lose the weight that’s causing the weight. To learn more, visit www.wholefamilyhealthandnutrition.com.